John R. Muir & Co. Solicitors are an innovative legal firm with offices in both Airdrie and Carluke. We offer professional solicitor services at affordable prices. Established since 1976, our team of lawyers and property agents have built a strong reputation based on our exceptional legal services.

We try to we provide client services in a different way to our competitors. We only give clients advice in areas of law in which we are experienced. A significant part of our work is referred to us by reputation. We strive to resolve clients’ legal issues in a practical way using common sense and plain English. We are down to earth and very approachable. We try hard to ensure clients are satisfied with our service levels and that our staff enjoy working for us.

From buying and selling a house, to negotiating a commercial lease, John R. Muir & Co. Solicitors can provide a full property and estate agency service.  In addition, our experienced legal team can assist with a wide range of legal services from the winding up of a loved ones estate to guiding you through the whole process of setting up or reviewing your will.

If you have mobility problems, we will be happy to arrange an appointment to visit you in the comforts of your own home.

What's New?



We are pleased to announce that we have updated this website to include the entire range of services that we can provide. These include areas such as Family Law, Court Services, Personal Injury, Business Law, Agricultural Law and much more. For the full range please explore this website or contact us for more information.


We are now pleased to announce that we have moved our Carluke office to 39 High Street. This move will give us some much needed space as well as the opportunity for us to put our own stamp on the look and feel of this office. I think you will agree that it's not your typical Solicitors office.

Partnership Agreement

If you are setting up a business with another individual, or individuals, you will want to consider a Partnership Agreement. This is a document which will set out exactly what are the responsibilities, obligations and rewards of each person who has a stake in the business.

We specialise in helping our business clients create Partneship Agreements that are robust enough to stand the test of time and flexible enough to respond to the ever-changing circumstances of a developing business.

Debt Recovery

We understand the need for businesses and individuals to seek to recover payment of outstanding sums due to them and the impact of non payment on the cash flow (and potentially the success) of a business. 

We are experienced in debt recovery matters and can assist you to pursue payment by issuing demand letters through to raising court proceedings in the appropriate forum and advising you on enforcing any decree (court judgment) obtained. 

Simple procedure is the court process which was introduced in November 2016 and which replaced small claims and most summary cause actions.  This procedure is designed to provide a speedy, inexpensive and informal way to resolve disputes where the monetary value does not exceed £5,000.  Where the monetary value of the claim exceeds £5,000 then an ordinary cause action is required.  We are experienced in pursuing and defending such claims.


Adoption is the legal process whereby all parental rights and responsibilities of the birth parent(s) of a child are transferred to the adoptive parent(s).  Adoption orders can be made in favour of step parents, other relatives or people who have had no prior relationship with the child until the child was placed for adoption by an adoption agency. 

A step parent wishing to adopt a child must be resident in Scotland, aged 21 or over and married to, in a civil partnership with or living in an enduring family relationship with the child’s mother or father. 

Where there is no prior relationship between the child and the adopters, placement is usually made following the child being in the care of the local authority and an assessment being undertaken by the local authority/adoption agency of the suitability of the prospective adopter(s).

As experts in the field with many years of adoption experience, we understand that the whole process (from attending the adoption preparation groups, going through the rigorous assessment process, attending the local authority/adoption agency adoption panel for approval to be adopters, to advice being obtained from the Children’s Hearing to support the application right through to making the court application and beyond) can be an extremely challenging and emotional time.  We really care about making this process as easy as possible for you by providing supportive advice on the legal and practical aspects of adoption.  

The legal effect of an adoption order is that the child is then treated for all purposes (such as child maintenance and inheritance) as if the child was born to the adoptive parent(s).  If you are a single person or a couple considering adopting a child, we are on hand to provide you with friendly and expert advice on the full process.